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step "Configure the Windows Terminal" do
  tip do
    message "Make sure that you have the **Command Prompt with Ruby and Rails** open, not just the usual Windows Terminal. To open the special Terminal, choose **All Programs** on the Start menu, then choose **RailsInstaller** and then **Command Prompt with Ruby and Rails**."

  message "Right-click on the menu bar and select **Properties**"

  message "Under the *Options* tab, check the box for **QuickEdit Mode**. This will let you visually cut and paste."

  message "Under the *Font* tab, select Lucida Console from the font chooser box. This lets you view non-ascii characters."

  message "In the *Layout* tab, adjust *Window Size* so the window is about half as wide as your screen, and is as tall as possible without covering the task bar (this may require some trial and error)."

  message "In the *Layout* tab, increase **Screen Buffer Size** Height to 1000."

  message "Click OK. In the dialog that comes up, select **Modify shortcut that started this window.**"